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Human Hair Replacement

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You may need a bit of professional help in finding the right wig for you. While there are wigs you can buy from home, having the expertise of a stylist who understands hair can be a total game-changer. Yael, a wig stylist and the owner of Long Island Wigs boutique, says, “Seek the assistance of a professional cosmetologist who specializes in wigs because they can recommend solutions you may not be aware of.” Yael cares for all of her clients personally, guiding them through the process and helping them identify the best wigs for them, right from the first consultation.

Yael continues, “My goal is to make you feel beautiful in your new wig. That is why I pride myself on providing clients one-on-one consultations with our wig specialists. In doing so, we help you determine which wig type and style is best for you. Perhaps more importantly, I want my customers to feel as comfortable as possible in their new wigs. As such, we only offer natural hair wigs of the highest quality.”

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